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Micro solenoid valve is a direction control component developed by our company. It has obtained many national patents and many patents are still in application. The series of micro valves have the advantages of low energy consumption, low temperature rise, large flow rate, sensitive reversing, stable performance, long service life and no pollution. They can be used in the fields of equipment manufacturing, electronics, knitting, medical treatment, semiconductor, etc.
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Taizhou Ours Top Pneumatic Technology Co.,Ltd锛嶪t is a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in Zhejiang Province, founded in 2013, located in Sanmen County, a coastal city of Zhejiang Province. We focus on research and development, design and manufacture of all kinds of micro solenoid valves. We have excellent equipment, advanced processing technology, perfect detection system and a strong technical and management team.

Quality is a crucia factor has already begun from the initial design,each of the parts through multiple screening,each product after repeated testing銆侽ST products are widely used in machinery ,,textile,semiconductor,light industry,medica and other automatic contro field.0ST is committed to continuously develop new products...
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