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Is solenoid valve product easy to corrode? You need to master these methods

There are many factors that affect the service life of solenoid valve products, and the corrosion of solenoid valve is one of the important factors. To prolong the service life of the solenoid valve and improve the safety of the project, anti-corrosion of the solenoid valve is an important consideration. How to protect the solenoid valve effectively? What are the precautions in purchase? You need to know these methods.
Select corrosion-resistant materials according to medium type
In the actual production and application, the types of media faced by the solenoid valve are various, even if the same media, in the case of different pressure, temperature and concentration, the corrosion rate of the material is also different. For example, aluminum is highly corrosive in concentrated nitric acid with concentration of more than 80%, but it is not seriously corrosive in medium and low concentration nitric acid. However, the corrosion of carbon steel is the most serious in sulfuric acid with concentration of 50%. When the concentration reaches more than 90%, the corrosion drops sharply. Therefore, when purchasing solenoid valve products, you can specifically analyze the type of media and the corrosion degree of different concentrations of media to materials, or directly consult the manufacturer.
Select corrosion resistant solenoid valve
Corrosion resistant solenoid valve is a special solution for corrosive media. Many corrosion resistant solenoid valves use non-metallic materials as the contact surface between the inner cavity of the solenoid valve and the media. Materials such as natural rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene not only have good corrosion resistance, but also play a role in saving precious metals as long as the pressure and temperature of the project environment meet the characteristics of the materials.
Surface treatment of solenoid valve
The surface treatment of solenoid valve can be divided into thermal spraying and spray coating. Thermal spraying is one of the technologies to add protective layer to equipment surface. Thermal spraying is to use high energy density heat source, such as gas combustion flame, arc, plasma arc, electric heating, gas explosion, etc., to heat and melt metal or non-metal materials, spray them to the basic surface after pretreatment in the form of atomization, forming spraying layer. Thermal spraying can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the solenoid valve surface, and extend the service life of the product.
Spray coating is a common method. The coating belongs to non-metallic materials, which can effectively isolate the medium and atmosphere and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.
Control of corrosive environment
The corrosion control environment is mainly for the working environment where the solenoid valve is located, for example, it can effectively control the dust, water vapor, smoke and toxic gas in the environment, so as to keep the environment clean and dry.

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