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Development trend of solenoid valve

As a kind of actuator of automatic instrument, the consumption of solenoid valve has increased rapidly in recent years. The development trend of domestic mature technology is briefly summarized, and the research is made in the direction of precision simplification, intelligence, generalization and specialization, and the social factors affecting the development of solenoid valve technology are also discussed.
The development of the direction of refinement and simplification is from essence to simplicity. Only simple ones can last for a long time. This is also the permanent pursuit of scientists and engineers.
(1) in the past, pneumatic and electric control circuits were widely used in the actuator of simplified control circuit, which increased the complexity of the system, while the pilot type solenoid valve formed a control circuit in the valve using its own working medium, with a very simple structure. In the past, many technical parameters of solenoid valves at home and abroad were limited. Now, the diameter of solenoid valves at home has been expanded to 30 mm; the medium temperature is as low as - 200 ℃, as high as 450 ℃; the working pressure is from vacuum to 25 MPa. The action time is from ten seconds to several milliseconds. The new development of these technologies can completely replace the original huge and expensive two position controlled quick cut-off valve, pneumatic on-off valve and electric on-off valve, and can also partially replace the continuously regulated pneumatic and electric control valve. (how to better meet the regulation accuracy requirements will be discussed in the following). In foreign countries, many industries such as textile, light industry and urban construction have used solenoid valves, while metallurgy and chemical industry have taken the lead in using more and more solenoid valves in auxiliary system.
More and more attention has been paid to the solenoid valve by the domestic automatic control professionals.
(2) when simplifying the operation of automatic control valve of pipeline system, some auxiliary valves and pipe fittings shall be equipped on the pipeline. For example, the isolation bypass is a typical installation method, which must be equipped with three manual valves, of which the manual valve 1 is the bypass valve, which is manually standby. Manual valves 2 and 3 are isolation valves to ensure online maintenance of automatic control valve 5. Two tees 4 and union 6 are also required. This kind of pipeline system takes up a large space, which is time-consuming to install and easy to leak. ZDF series multi-function solenoid valve has ingeniously omitted these additional accessories and still has the function of isolating bypass, so it won the gold medal of Geneva International new technology. The front of the automatic control valve needs to be equipped with a filter. When multiple automatic control valves are used together, one-way valves are often installed to prevent interference between pipes. Now, one-way solenoid valve, combined solenoid valve and solenoid valve with filter have all played a role in simplifying pipeline.

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